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Artwork Guidelines

Sticker Booyah prints directly from your computer files. Please use the following checklist when preparing your files to ensure the best quality output. If you have any questions please call us at 919.774.7446.

Software/File Formats Supported
•Supported Software
Adobe Acrobat
Corel Draw Ver. X7

Supported File Formats: If you do not have the above software, save as one of the following file formats. We prefer vector art, eps, or pdf files. Only after we receive the file can we determine if it's usable.


Layout Requirements

Font/Type Style Issues: All fonts must be included in their file, convert all text to paths or curves. Type and images must not print closer than 1/8" to the cut line unless it is bleeding beyond the edge of the label. If there are bleeds, they must be 1/8" past where the label will be cut at the cut line. Minimum type size: 4pt is the smallest readable text we can print.


Image/Color Requirements

All embedded images (EPS, JPG, TIFF, BMP, PSD) must be high resolution. We recommend 300dpi. Anything less may result in poor quality. If JPEG compression is used please set it to maximum quality. All images must be assigned CMYK not RBG. (Note: Most Digital cameras save images as RBG. These images will need to be converted to CMYK before embedding.) Pantone colors will automatically convert to CMYK. There will be a shift in color. Metallic Colors like Pantone 877 silver and Pantone 871 gold will not have a metallic luster like traditional metallic ink unless they are printed on foil. Foil material offers a metallic luster to any color not backed in white.


Full Bleed Requirements
Image "bleed" is where you want to fill a background completely to the edge of the stickers or label. The image must extend beyond the trim area so that color will go to the edge if there is a slight variance in the trims cuts. If you need a design template or have questions about full bleed contact us at [email protected]